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                                                                                                            19th March 2022




Very regrettably this has been taken out of action for, hopefully, only a short period of time.

This is due to the unavailability of essential parts which have been on order since 2nd December, were expected in early February, but are still not available.

The suppliers are doing their best to ensure the delay will be as short as possible.




The fully automated defibrillator in the parish of Arthingworth has been installed in a secure box, on the

outside front of the Village Hall

and is for use by any person needing it.

Its existence is recorded on the East Midlands Ambulance Service’s computer, and access to the defibrillator is by a code given to the originator of a ‘999 emergency’ call, together with the defibrillator’s location. On receipt of a 999 call, the operator will, where possible, direct the operation and maintain contact with the caller throughout the emergency pending the arrival of a Paramedic or Ambulance.

The device can be used by totally untrained persons, as it issues instructions itself as to its use, monitors the condition of the patient’s heart and decides whether or not to ‘shock’ the patient.

The defibrillator is inspected regularly by the on site coordinator:-

Name:-                        Tim French

Contact Details:-         Email     

                                    Phone              07702 671 418

As the defibrillator is fully automatic, offering self-initiated guidance to the operator, and available ONLY under the Ambulance Services’ direct control, there is little or no operational risk to the Parish Council.